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You definitely need a real estate attorney in Monroe: Find more here!

No matter the real estate transaction, it is best to seek professional opinion and advice from an experienced attorney. In North Carolina, it is a must to have a real estate attorney to oversee the closing, and the buyer’s attorney does that. The same attorney can work for both buyer and seller, or else, the seller can choose to hire an attorney separately. In this post, we are sharing more on why you definitely need a real estate attorney in Monroe NC.

Protecting your rights

The role of a real estate attorney for the buyers is to protect their rights. They will ensure that all the documentation and paperwork is done right. They will check and draft necessary documents and ensure that the closing process is as smooth as possible. In fact, you shouldn’t sign anything related to your new home purchase, unless checked by an experienced attorney. A real estate attorney will typically do the following – 

  1. Examine the title of the property for buyer
  2. Communicate with other parties, including lender and seller’s attorney. 
  3. Check if all requirements of the contract are met
  4. Advice and make arrangements for title insurance
  5. Ensure that paperwork is done right

Selling your home

If you are selling your home in Monroe, you still need a real estate attorney. They can do a bunch of tasks on your behalf. They will draft and review the sales contract, negotiate with the attorney of the buyer for terms of the contract, and correct concerns related to title report. Your real estate attorney will also check the title documents to be sure that the title is clear for you to sell the property. Also, they can offer help and advice on the settlement statement. 

Finding an attorney in Monroe

Not all real estate attorneys are the same, so do your homework. Your home is your biggest investment, and you will want an attorney who has detailed experience in real estate. They should be able to offer advice on the transaction and closing process and must work in your interest. Ensure that your real estate attorney is accessible and available for help and advice, when needed, and they should check all the documents and legal documents. 

A good real estate attorney will ensure that your new home has a clear title, and you don’t have to deal with unexpected issues later. Check online for the top law firms offer real estate services in Monroe. 

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