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Why Should You Select a Law Firm Than a Solo Lawyer for Your Violent Criminal Case?

When you’re facing a violent criminal charge, you have a lot on the line, including significant prison or jail time, and substantial penalties and fines. Furthermore, a conviction can have substantial collateral and legal penalties. The collateral penalties such as the loss of your future or current job opportunities raise the stakes to heights you might not have considered. What is at stake for you personally depends upon your particular charges and circumstances.  Furthermore, some cases are more complex than others. You must choose the attorney with the right mix of expertise and experience to handle the varying complexity of your case with a rate proportionate and appropriate to what you have at stake. Accordingly, choosing the right lawyer to represent you may not be a simple decision. Luckily, choosing the right law firm to represent could not be simpler. The Medical Malpractice lawyer has a tiered attorney and fee structure of various levels of experience who work as a team to provide you with aggressive legal representation suited to your particular circumstances.

More than a Lawyer, hire a Firm

The area of criminal law attracts many solo attorneys, some of whom may have little experience. This is a potential pitfall for a suspect trying to find the right attorney, such as Lehmbecker Law. Violent crime offenses can be very complicated. The State is required to prove every element of an offense and some elements are nuanced. Solo attorneys and inexperienced attorneys are less likely to have the knowledge and time necessary to fully identify and consider potential weaknesses in the State’s case. However, a law firm has a team of attorneys with experience from which to draw in order to evaluate these pieces of evidence for potential defenses and weaknesses.  Attorneys at Law Firms work together to identify issues and plan defenses for the firm’s clients. They all collaborate in order to strategize for proper defenses for the client and expand upon those defenses as a collective team.

In addition, the practice of criminal defense encompasses a number of municipalities and counties which requires routine appearances in many different courtrooms. A “solo” practitioner, working alone, will likely be handling cases in different jurisdictions and courts spending a tremendous amount of time waiting and traveling to appear. This inefficient use of time detracts from the time available to devote to the strategic and analytical duties crucial to providing effective representation.

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