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Why Key Evidence Must be Collected and Preserved After a Los Angeles Car Accident

Car crashes in Los Angeles can cause serious injuries to those involved. Usually, they occur because of a driver’s negligent or careless actions and victims can seek financial compensation for their injuries. But, victims need evidence to determine liability. And this evidence must be preserved as it can be used throughout the claim process. When consulting with Los Angeles car accident attorneys, victims will know which evidence needs to be preserved and the steps to take to strengthen their claim.

Kinds of Evidence that Must Be Preserved Following an LA Car Crash

Evidence collected after a car accident plays an important role when determining liability. Evidence such as all cars involved, photos or videos of the crash scene, and surveillance footage must be preserved because they can demonstrate how the crash occurred and how caused it. A victim needs convincing evidence that the at-fault party owed them a duty of care, breached such duty, and caused the crash to convince the insurance company of the other driver to pay their losses. 

The Need to Preserve Evidence Before the Accident Scene is Cleaned Up

A crash scene can have important evidence to prove how and why the accident took place. Before debris is cleared away, victims should try to take photos of themselves and the scene. The photos they take can preserve the accident scene. For instance, a victim can capture a pothole that may have popped their tire before the defect can be repaired. If the victim can’t preserve scene evidence right after the crash, their attorney can return to the scene on their behalf. 

Getting Eyewitness Testimony Before their Memories Fade

When trying to get compensation for accident-related injuries, claimants must also collect statements from those who witnessed the crash. They should write down full names and contact numbers at the scene. Their attorney can reach out to these witnesses to get their version of what occurred. It is imperative to get testimony from these witnesses because their memories may fade over time and they may not be able to give accurate statements. 

Car accident victims should preserve evidence while still available to prove the fault of the other driver and recover fair compensation from their insurance provider. They can turn to their attorney for assistance in preserving evidence. An experienced attorney knows exactly the steps victims should take and preserve key evidence for them. They can take care of this for victims while the latter concentrate on their healing. 

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