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What Your Car Accident Attorney Will Do 

Car accidents can vary in severity levels but they usually result in injuries that can be serious and even fatal. If you have been recently injured in a car crash in Cedar Rapids, you should contact an accident attorney to know your legal options and rights. There are a lot of things your attorney can do for you, so you can just focus on your recovery. These include the following:

 Deal with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are businesses, so they naturally want to make a profit in their transactions. They have claims adjusters who are trained to negotiate settlements. These adjusters will do everything to reduce the payout the insurance company will offer. In fact, they may even deny a valid claim. Fortunately, a good injury attorney has experience with insurance companies and ensure their clients’ best interest are on the table. They will handle all details of your claim, help prepare important statements, negotiate a fair settlement with the adjuster, and fight for your rights to compensation. 

Prove that Your Injuries Resulted from the Other Driver’s Negligence

To successfully secure compensation, you must prove that the other driver was negligent and their negligence caused your accident and injury. Your lawyer will go through the evidence and piece together what took place to determine the cause of your injuries and build a solid case for you. They will get the accident report, consult medical experts, have the accident scene reconstructed professionally, collect medical records, and interview witnesses. 

Meet Legal Deadlines

In the state of Colorado, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim. Failing to meet the deadline can have you banned from filing a claim. Also, your insurance policy may have a set period in which you inform your carrier of a claim. And if your accident involved a government worker, you might need to meet an “ante litem,” which could be as short as six months to one year. A skilled lawyer knows these deadlines and can ensure you don’t miss them.

Help You Understand the Legalities of Your Claim

An experienced car accident attorney is familiar with insurance policies and the legality that surrounds them. They can tell if your insurance company is acting in good faith and giving you what you deserve. If not, your attorney can explain your legal options to hold the insurance company accountable. 

In addition, a lot of laws, regulations, and precedents may apply to your case. And perhaps the only person who can identify these is your attorney. 

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