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What are my legal options after a car accident for emotional distress?

People frequently feel more anxious than ever after a car accident. It could be challenging for them to get behind the wheel again or to ride in another person’s car. Even memories resembling those seen in people with PTSD may occur for victims.

Emotional traumas from a car accident might make it incredibly difficult to carry on with your daily life and hobbies.

Can you file a lawsuit for emotional problems like anxiety, distress, or other issues after a car accident? Yes is a quick response.

But it could be harder than you think to get the recompense you deserve. Legally, your ability to receive compensation for emotional distress depends on how well your personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, PA demonstrate the adverse effects of the accident on your life and how persuasive they can demonstrate the other party’s negligence directly contributed to your symptoms of emotional distress.

Emotional Distress Can Be Caused by Negligence and Intentional Harm

Your lawyer must decide whether the mental distress was intentionally caused or the result of negligence before building a compelling legal case.

Imagine, for instance, that the other driver purposely collided with your car to arouse road rage or start a street race. You may contend that the emotional discomfort was deliberate in the situation. In some instances, the defendant’s actions may be viewed by society as severe, shocking, outrageous, or unbearable.

An accident occurs when a motorist disobeys the law and violates a statutory responsibility, such as texting or snoozing while driving or running a red light.

Avoid Speaking Directly with the Insurance Company

Working with the insurance provider after a car accident could be challenging. You could feel even more helpless and overwhelmed when they consistently reject your legitimate compensation claim.

Engage legal counsel rather than negotiating with the insurance company on your own when requesting compensation for mental and emotional harms. A knowledgeable auto accident lawyer can assist you in making sure the insurance provider understands how much money you need and deserve to be compensated for your physical and psychological injuries.

You need to engage a lawyer if a crash causes you emotional anguish. The insurance adjusters will find any justification to underpay you. Have you stated that your crippling depression has kept you from working? An insurance adjuster might contest your right to financial support for emotional anguish by using social media mentions of your weekend plans with friends and family.

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