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Tips For AdWords For Law Firms

Below we have separated tips that will help your internet marketing for law firm to be more successful with AdWords:

  1. Target your AdWords campaigns

One of the most critical actions that can be taken to ensure that ads perform well on the search network correctly targets the campaigns and keywords used. Ads and keywords should be grouped according to the relevance of each one. For example, you will not want to have keywords related to family law in an ad group containing keywords and ads related to criminal law.

Lawyers must create ads that are displayed according to what their target audience is looking for. To do this, create keywords according to your business segments and group them correctly with ads that communicate with those words. When this is not done, ads appear for less relevant searches, resulting in a drop in clickthrough rate and consequently causing Google to understand that your ad is not relevant to your audience. The result is that Google itself will make your ad appear less and less.

  1. Run A / B tests on your ads

Google constantly monitors ads to determine whether users find them helpful. A significant influence on this is the CTR (clickthrough rate or simply the click rate); if it is low, it is understood that it is not relevant to people. One way to find the best ad is to create multiple variations and leave them running in parallel. Test the main call, the call-to-action, change the language, try it. After a while, see which ad has the highest CTR and remove the other. Do a new test by repeating the process. There is always room for improvement.

  1. Optimize bids for the correct positions

Each time a person searches on Google, an “auction” takes place to determine the position of advertisers. If all factors are the same, the highest paying advertiser will appear higher up. Some keywords have higher competition than others, and Google will not always be accurate in suggesting the amount to be paid per click. For example, Google may recommend paying $ 5 per click for a given keyword. After the campaign has run for a while, you will find that it may be necessary to increase the amount to be paid to stay in the top placements.

The demand for a particular keyword can also change. A campaign that runs for several weeks or months may have fluctuating costs per click, based on the entry of new competitors and the departure of others. It is essential to closely monitor the bids to adjust your strategy, even reducing the cost per click to lower the paid results, generating BIGGER traffic, but with a LOWER budget.

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