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Surprising Common Causes of Train Accidents

There are various types of trains in the world. For example, subway trains, transit trains, commercial freight trains, etc. However, all trains are dangerous, and everyone should be aware of how accidents happen. Freight trains are involved in most accidents, followed by commuter trains. Train derailments are the leading cause. 

Train accidents and injuries are certainly lesser than road accidents. However, they have not completely vanished. While it is easy to overlook statistics, one day, you might find yourself directly affected. Train accidents leave lasting effects on individuals. If you or your loved one are in such an accident, click to learn more. Hire an attorney to explore your legal rights today. 

Some common causes of train accidents. 

  • Negligence. 

Different groups can be held liable for causing railway accidents due to negligence. It may be an employee’s or conductor’s fault, or the company itself may be at fault. Government agencies may also cause an accident due to their negligence. The blame may be on the equipment manufacturer, who failed to install the gadgets properly, which resulted in the accident. For example, if the crossing arm was operated incorrectly, it was the railway’s part of negligence. 

  • Human error. 

Just like human errors can result in severe car crashes and truck accidents, they can also cause railway accidents. Railway employees who are poorly trained and have poor communication skills are seen as the culprits here. Railway staff is prone to human errors due to corruption, disregard for safety rules, negligence, fatigue, and so on. Poor management can result in miscommunication and wrong signaling, which can cause life-threatening accidents. 

  • Mechanical failures. 

Defective equipment, signals, and tracks may also be at fault in some cases. There might occur some unforeseen circumstances which are beyond the rail operator’s control. However, mechanical errors do not happen occasionally and are rare. 

For example, suppose the railway track is not checked periodically. In that case, debris or some other materials may be present on the track, which can result in the derailing of the train and harm the passengers and people near the track. 

  • Speedy trains. 

Fast trains that operate beyond the legal speed limit can result in severe railway accidents. The overspeeding train may get derailed as it does not have enough time to slow down. Research has proven that the faster the train, the greater the consequences become after a collision. The likelihood of derailment also increases. 

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