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Looking for a defense attorney in Denver? Ask these 5 questions!

As in any service or industry, not all criminal defense attorneys are the same. Also, just because someone helped you lease your home or draft papers for your divorce doesn’t mean they can handle a criminal case. If you have been charged with a crime in Denver, no matter whether that’s something like domestic violence or DUI, you should consider seeking legal help right away. Finding the right Denver criminal defense attorney is critical for your case, and in this post, we are sharing 5 questions you must ask for hiring a lawyer. 

  • For how long have you been practicing criminal law?

This is one of the key questions you must ask. Find a lawyer who specializes in criminal law and defense, and they should have the necessary professional qualifications and experience. If needed, you can ask for a few references too. 

  • Will you handle the case and go to court in person?

When it comes to law firms, the criminal defense attorney who eventually works on your case may not be the same you met. Ensure that you are paying for a lawyer with expertise and experience, and they handle the case personally, and not some random junior. 

  • How often do your cases go to trial?

The longer a case drags, the more expenses the defendant has to incur. Ensure that you talk to the criminal defense attorney about what to expect from the case, and check if they can help in avoiding going to the court in the first place. 

I would also like to mention a very professional defence attorney that I used in New Jersey recently as they were incredible, so if you require a defence attorney in the New Jersey area then they are easily the best choice.

  • How strong is the case?

Make sure that you talk to your lawyer in depth about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Consider this as a red flag, if the lawyer promises an awesome outcome right at the start. However, they should be able to explain the possible outcomes. 

  • Do you charge a flat fee, or work on an hourly basis?

Criminal proceedings can be expensive, and you should be able to afford a lawyer in the first place. Some criminal defense attorneys in Denver work on a flat fee, which means they will take a final amount, but the payments can be discussed. Other lawyers may work on an hourly rate, which again depends on the actual circumstances of your case. 

Check online now to find more criminal defense attorneys in Denver and hire one as soon as possible, after you have been charged with a crime.

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