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Law, Lawyers And Why We Need A Justice System

Law is something like a rule or a set of guidelines built for people to not commit crimes, fearing the consequences or punishments. The purpose of the justice system is to function in a beneficial way for the aggrieved party. The judicial system all over the world has developed enough to cater to the various needs of people. There are a few types of legal systems to fight different types of crimes, namely civil law, common law, customary law, religious law, and mixed law.

The judicial system has been in existence for centuries now; the constitution of every country realizes that all the citizens of their country have rights and their rights have to be protected. Therefore, every legislation has included various sets of laws to enforce to maintain harmony in their judiciary systems.

Just as there are various types of crimes that happen and various courts, to deal with all these problems, there are different lawyers for different needs of people like a Personal Injury Lawyer or Commercial Litigation Attorney.

Now Let’s Further Discuss The Various Types Of Laws

Civil Law

This section of law deals with disputes of an individual with that of an organization or another individual. Thus, for example, the infringement of custody rights of children, right to education, or insurance claims come under the purview of this section of law.

Criminal Law

This is the section of the law that deals with Criminal offenses like murder, assault, rape, or robbery. All these offenses are dealt with under the criminal law, and people are punished according to the purview of punishments under this law specifically.

Statutory Law

Legislation or statute law is statutory legislation enacted by a parliamentary body. This is contrary to oral or customary law or administrative law propagated by the judiciary’s executive or common law.  State governments or local governments can be the origin of statutes.

Common Law

Common law is an institution with unspoken rules built on judicial precedents. In exceptional cases where the verdict cannot be centered on current laws or written law regulations, common law affects the decision-making process.

Every country has its penalties and ways to deal with offenses by the citizens of their country. All of them have a common goal of helping the citizens from any defamation of rights they might have faced due to fraud or an assault. It is also the responsibility of every individual to recognize their rights and protect them through a Personal Injury Lawyer.

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