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Law Firm Specializing In Medical Law: Research

You are looking for a law firm specializing in medical law. Who to take? How to choose a lawyer? It is appropriate before you learn about this profession and its usefulness. If you have problems choosing a medical lawyer, contact the association but first, please read this page on this website carefully.

When Should You Hire A Law Firm Specializing In Medical Law?

It is advisable to add an expert doctor to the consolidation to go and defend the forensic quantification of the damage. If you have to choose between a lawyer or an expert doctor, you might as well take an expert doctor. Sometimes you need both. It is also important not to confuse an expert in compensation and a lawyer. If your house burns down, you wouldn’t think of hiring a lawyer to cost it. The same is true for bodily injury.

A fortiori when the harm is significant. It is not the role of a lawyer to know how to quantify developments or an operating loss. There is no ready-made answer: each case is unique. Logically, hiring a lawyer specializing in medical law when medical law problems arise in the file is useful. Similarly, it is essential to hire a lawyer when you have no choice but to go to court.

How To Be Compensated Following A Problem Of Medical Liability Or Medical Accident?

Important general information to know:

  • The final compensation can only occur once the medical consolidation has been acquired.
  • Before starting an appeal file, you should retrieve your medical file.
  • An appeal is possible (limitation period) only within ten years of the consolidation date.
  • The appeal period is ten years from the consolidation, that is to say, from the moment your condition is stabilized.

There are two kinds of medical liability:

Liability for fault and liability without fault. The law provides for compensation by national solidarity even without fault: therapeutic hazard, iatrogenic disease, nosocomial infection.

The victim of a medical problem can therefore obtain compensation from the insurer of the doctor responsible or the health establishment or national solidarity. If you want a lawyer, see the medical malpractice lawyer like Civil Rights Attorney NYC for example section.

Whether the compensation takes place following medical malpractice or whether it takes place within the framework of the therapeutic hazard, it will not change anything for the victim: in both cases, it is the same compensation, that is to say, compensation according to the principle of full reparation.

It is the payer who will change. In case of fault, it will be the insurer of the person responsible. In the event of a therapeutic hazard, it is national solidarity.

First case: compensation following a medical error

Second case: compensation following a therapeutic hazard

There is a therapeutic risk when there is no medical malpractice but serious consequences following a medical act.

Third case: compensation following a nosocomial infection

When you have been infected in a hospital or following a medical act, even in the absence of fault, there is possible compensation by national solidarity for nosocomial infection.

Fourth case: iatrogenic disease

You have had adverse effects from taking medication: this is an iatrogenic condition.

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