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Know When To Look For A Family Lawyer

The law offers several specialties, and each one resolves significant conflicts in different areas, always following specific legislation. The Family Law attorney, for example, is one of the most sought after, as there are several cases in which it may be necessary.

Despite being very important, many people do not know all the applications of this legal branch. In these situations, a lawyer can help to resolve conflicts, propose lawsuits, or even make agreements between the parties. In this text, we will show you situations in which you should look for a lawyer specializing in Family Law to resolve the issue with more security and tranquility. Follow up or visit website!

Child Custody

Child custody after a separation is a very sensitive issue: fights and disputes can affect children and parents, so resolving conflict peacefully and quickly is critical. Custody can be unilateral, where the child stays with only one parent and the other is entitled to periodic visits or shared, in which both parents must make all important decisions about the children’s lives.

However, it is possible to adopt another type of custody by the court decision if it is the best for the minor. A family lawyer knows all the legal rules on the subject, has the experience, and already knows how the decisions and thoughts of the judges in the region are and can help the couple, or just one of the parties, safely and competently. As this subject is very delicate, especially for children, it is essential to have a serious professional with knowledge and experience in the area so that the best possible decision is sought to satisfy the interests of those involved.


Alimony is an amount paid monthly to a person so that he can meet his basic needs for survival and maintenance. It is common to think that it is only used to buy food, but it must cover all daily expenses. Both children and ex-spouses and ex-partners can receive alimony. Parents and grandparents can also receive a pension, although these cases are less common.

For children, payment must be made until they reach 18 years of age or if they are attending university entrance exams, higher education, or technical courses until they are 24 years old. As for the ex-spouse or ex-partner, there is no fixed deadline for all cases. Depending on the situation, the pension may last for a certain time or until the end of life. The specialist lawyer is essential when making the pension agreement, proposing the lawsuit, or defending the interested party. For example, it is possible to discuss values, payment terms, and deadlines.

Stable Union

A stable union is a relationship of coexistence between two people with a reasonable duration and the objective of constituting a family. According to the Civil Code, there is no minimum period of coexistence to characterize this relationship, and the couple doesn’t need to live in the same house. The configuration of a stable union is necessary because it gives rise to the same rights as a marriage, including the regime of separation or community of property. In addition, there are other guarantees for companions, such as a pension for death.

With the help of a lawyer, it is also possible to make a contract – called a declaration of the stable union – that will serve as a prenuptial agreement. With this contract, the union will be characterized, and it will not be necessary to go through a lawsuit to recognize this relationship, saving time and money. In addition, in case of separation, the agreement will be easier and can even be done in an extrajudicial way, not by divorce.

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