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Important Things to Keep in Mind when Discussing Spousal Support in Divorce

The divorce process may tackle an issue for spousal maintenance. A divorce may affect both spouses’ financial stability and spousal maintenance or support can bridge the gap. If you are considering spousal support in your divorce, there are things you must keep in mind. But, you should be realistic about your expectations and keep an open mind about the financial needs of every party. 

Deciding Spousal Support in Divorce

Divorce is difficult; however, it does not need to be an ugly experience. By choosing to work together in a collative process and with a sandy divorce lawyer, you and your spouse can create a customized plan to dissolve your marriage without going to court. This can significantly minimize financial and emotional costs.

Because you and your spouse may share concerns about meeting financial obligations, you may have opposing views on spousal support. But, you can find a way to end your marriage peacefully if you have the support of a collaborative team to help you make decisions about this matter. If your or your spouse cannot meet their needs and the other can assist and still meet theirs, you should discuss how to bridge the gap. 

In a divorce, spousal support is meant to help avoid financial hardships. By opting to work amicably with your spouse, you can create a plan tailored to ensuring you both meet your financial responsibilities as you move forward. 

Factors to Consider When Deciding Spousal Support

After you acknowledge the need for spousal support, you and your spouse should work to find common ground regarding the amount and duration that support must be paid. Some factors you can consider include the age and health of both spouses, both of your incomes, the length of your marriage, the expenses you both may incur, the assets every party is awarded, and more. As you discuss spousal support with your spouse, make sure to include your lawyer and a neutral financial expert. Your lawyer can advise you about your options while a financial expert can help determine financial problems you may have overlooked. 

Making the Right Legal Choices

Often, couples who are planning to divorce seek to make sure an award of spousal support is fair to both parties. For both spouses, maintaining the lifestyle they have been used to during the marriage can be challenging after a divorce. But they can create a customized divorce plan that suits their family if they work with a reputable divorce attorney. 

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