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Filing for Bankruptcy in Georgia: Main Steps

You did all you could to make your business prosper. That’s a given. But the pandemic has led you to this extremely hard decision i.e. filing bankruptcy. A lot of small business owners are facing similar hardships these days. Don’t let the situation break you. And make sure you do everything right when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia, since it’s a serious legal proceeding that requires your utmost attention.

No doubt, the manual on how to file bankruptcy in Georgia is not something you’re eager to put on your reading list. But if you have no alternative options, exploring all the steps is something that’s definitely worth doing. If you delve into the topic, you can save yourself heaps of time and money during the procedure. In case you realize that the whole thing is just too daunting for you, hire an attorney. The steps below outline the procedure of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia for you.

1. Collect Files & Get Your Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Certificate

First and foremost, collect all the required documents for filing bankruptcy in Georgia. Then, focus on completing a credit counseling course aimed at revealing all your debt relief possibilities. You’ll need to get your bankruptcy credit counseling certificate if you want to file a petition for relief in the United States. Planning to file bankruptcy in about 6 months? Now’s the best time for completing the course.

2. Complete All the Required Forms

You can either fill out all the necessary docs under your own steam or choose to hire an attorney. The decision is totally up to you. Want to file without a lawyer? Make sure you have access to a great online database of bankruptcy-related PDF forms. These days, with a good PDF editor at your fingertips, you can find and fill in all the necessary forms online, right in the comfort of your room.

3. Print & Submit Your Forms

Now that you’re through with the most challenging part feel free to print the forms you’ve filled out and file them to the bankruptcy court. In case an attorney helps you with this, they’ll do the printing and submitting for you (such a relief). If you’ve made a decision to work on this on your own, take things slow. And make two copies of your documents to save one in your records just in case.

4. Go to Court and File Your Forms

You’re going to need to bring a government issued picture ID with you. When the filing process is behind you, they’ll give you a Chapter 7 case number. Show this number to your creditors whenever they contact you and tell them you’re now protected by the automatic stay.

You’re Not Alone. You’re Not a Loser

Remember that bankruptcy is not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, Abraham Lincoln had to face this calamity, too. And then, some time later, he became president. Long story short, just study bankruptcy basics, do what’s right, do it accurately, and never give up.

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