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Everything to Know about Getting Italian Citizenship Hassle-Free

Italy is a great country to live in or visit. Probably, you have been wondering how to become an Italian citizen. The journey of becoming an Italian citizen is rewarding but can be demanding and quite lengthy.

The good news is that you can hold dual Italian citizenship. It all starts by learning more about getting Italian citizenship and the process involved. Having dual citizenship means you can enjoy all the benefits a natural-born citizen of Italy enjoys.

In essence, you will enjoy the benefits offered by both Italy and your country of birth. Family history and personal needs will impact the cost of getting dual citizenship. But then again, you should let the many benefits of Italian citizenship impact your decision. Read on and learn more.

The Many Benefits of Italian citizenship 

Getting Italian citizenship will allow you to enjoy the following benefits.

  • Travel benefits– You will easily travel to any EU member state without limitations or restrictions.
  • Healthcare benefits– Have access to quality and affordable medical care.
  • Education benefits– You will have access to high quality and low cost higher education. Italy’s tuition rates are low and more affordable than in other countries.
  • Employment benefits– Get an opportunity to pursue different careers as there are more job openings for those with Italian citizenship.
  • Hereditary benefits– You can pass citizenship on to your children, which is a gift to continue giving. Citizens get a chance to reconnect with their heritage. s
  • Property buying benefits– Take advantage of special tax schemes when buying property in Italy.
  • Voting benefits– According to the Italian constitution, all citizens can vote even if they don’t live in another country.

Ways to Become an Italian Citizen

There has been a surge in applications for Italian citizenship, thanks to the many benefits it offers. Here are incredible methods for securing Italian citizenship:

By Descent (Jure Sanguinis Italy)

The easiest way to get Italian citizenship is by descent or blood. Also known as Jure Sanguinis, there is no limit to claiming your Italian heritage. This means no limited number of descendants can claim Italian heritage under their maternal or paternal lineage.

You can apply for Italian citizenship via parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents. It is a one-time process that will allow you to automatically pass down your Italian citizenship eligibility from generation to generation.

By Marriage and Civil Union 

You are lucky to fall in love with an Italian. Marriage is an incredible way to get Italian citizenship. It is more practical after two years of marriage while living in the country. In addition, you can wait three years if you are living outside of Italy.

You will have to apply for citizenship. Patience is all you need to secure your place among the welcoming people of Italy. It is not a must to speak Italian to get accepted.

By Naturalization/Residency 

Naturalization or residency is the most complex way of gaining Italian citizenship. You are required to find a legal residence in Italy and reside in the country for over six months. Time is of the essence when applying for Italian citizenship, as you might be required to live in Italy for at least 10 years to apply.

To Sum Up

There are incredible routes to follow and get Italian citizenship. Significantly, Italian citizenship has many benefits to help you make a wise decision. However, patience and time are integral when applying for Italian citizenship, like any other government application process. If stuck, it is wise to seek help to get your Italian citizenship.

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