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Digital Marketing: Facebook Campaign Objectives

Knowing what the media types are, let’s talk about the different campaign objectives for your office which can be does by agencies like Grow Law Firm agency for example:


In this objective, Facebook tries to demonstrate to the maximum number of people the existence of its company through the created ad. In this format, the focus is on reach, and this means that the ad must appear 1 time per person, within a set deadline, for example, 1 time every 7 days. You can set two goals within this objective:


Here the focus is to make the user act as the post, that is, that your ad must be displayed several times to the same person, increasing the chance of an action being performed. Indeed, you have already been “hounded by the Google algorithm” when searching for a product or service; this strategy is called “remarketing.” In this consideration format, we can define the following campaign goals:


This type of campaign requires a deeper understanding of the tool. In the case of conversions/sales, installing the Facebook Pixel in purchase events is necessary, which can be a little complex for those who do not understand programming. As the legal niche does not require online sales, we can use visits to the establishment. Facebook will look for people who are more likely to go to the location, and it does this automatically through the algorithm. That is, your campaign becomes much more assertive. The available targets are:

Campaigns For Custom Audiences

It’s a lovely tool; we can create an extremely segmented audience, like an email list. You launch the list as a custom audience, and the emails inserted into the Facebook base will be identified, and the ads displayed only for these people. You can also create audiences based on events held on your profile, such as webinars, lives, etc.

Expansion Of Interests

Here I recommend being very careful; the expansion of interests is only valid when your targeting is so narrow that you can’t boost. Otherwise, it’s not worth it; the performance is usually not satisfactory.

Campaign Scheduling

We can save a lot of time if we use this function; once the planning is done, pre-publish the posts, and the system does this on the dates you selected. It is also possible to program the boosts, leaving everything ready for the month of your actions to occur automatically.

Positioning: Automatic Or Manual?

Is it worth using all Facebook ad placements? It’s worth the test, but I confess that testing these placements is not easy. Ideally, this would be to assemble an ad set for each placement (under the same design and calling conditions) and check the results. In the past, it was possible to pay per result, clicks, video views, etc., today only per view. That’s why it’s so important to focus on paying for the cheapest possible delivery of the ad while also measuring where the result comes from. My recommendation is to use the placements people interact with: Feed and Stories. All the others require good creativity to present good results.

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