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Different Kinds Of Federal Crimes That Get Handled In a Federal Court

Countries have rules and regulations well laid down in their constitution that govern and provide guidance on the conduct of the citizens—the violation of the well-laid down regulations and modes of conduct results in federal crimes. The litigation process requires the involvement of law firms well versed with the various constitution articles to provide an effective representation that prevents the infringement of the citizen’s right while protecting the sovereignty of the constitution. Law Office Of Samuel C. Moore PLLC provides clients with a team of dedicated criminal defense attorneys with the expertise to handle the different kinds of federal crime D.C charges throughout Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. The law firm’s dedication to providing superior criminal defense representation for every client enables it to deliver quality legal work and zealous advocacy. The different federal cases handled within the federal courts include:

Federal Assault Crimes

Federal assault is the attempt to inflict pain or harm on an individual, with the assault getting divided into different categories. The intent and possible result of the assault is what differentiates them, making them have different federal crime D.C consequences. For example, an assault intent to commit murder holds more weight than a domestic assault and resultantly holds a heavier penalty. The difference in the assaults requires that an individual hires the best skilled and professional attorney who fully understands the client’s rights to ensure maximum protection.

Federal Driving Crimes

Federal driving crimes involve violating traffic rules and guidelines that ensure the road safety of the users and the passersby. An example is the Driving Under Influence (DUI) on a common carrier since alcohol and substance abuse impair judgment, making it dangerous to control vehicles under the influence. The experience of the federal crime D.C attorneys in the handling of the DUI cases enables them to provide the professional representation that ensures that all the necessary procedures get handled with the utmost care.

Federal White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes are crimes related to deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and the threat of physical violence or force for personal gains. The crimes have a devastating impact on the federal crime D.C victim, including financial loss and emotional trauma. For such cases, clients require a lawyer well-versed in the white-collar crimes litigations to protect their rights and ensure that the case is handled following the laid down procedures. White-collar crimes include bribery, prescription fraud, copyright infringement, and money laundering, which tend to service personal gains causing devastating effects.

Federal Weapons Offenses

Possession and handling of dangerous weapons such as guns require legal licenses after proper extermination of the individual. The stringent measures for the ownership of such weapons get owed to their dangerous nature hence the need to ensure that they fall into the right and sober minds. Some of the crimes under federal weapons offenses include felons in possession of a firearm, the sale of illegal firearms, and illegal possession of a firearm.

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