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Dealing With Terminations During Covid-19: Consult A Corporate Lawyer

The Covid-19 pandemic has massive damage to the economy, and the experts are warning of the worst recession ahead. As a company, you may have to take a few tough decisions, and one of them is to let go of some employees. For other businesses, things are even worse, and some have already shut shop. Working with a reliable and experienced corporate lawyer San Francisco can help your business meet the legal requirements and get genuine advice on how to deal with the situation better. In this post, we are sharing more on the legal requirements, and finding a corporate lawyer.

The basic legal requirements

Employment laws are complex, which is the precise reason why you need a corporate lawyer on your side, so that you don’t make the unwanted mistakes. Remember that every company’s situation is unique, and besides the federal requirements, there are also state laws to be adhered to, with regards to terminations. At the base level, any employer is prohibited from discrimination based on aspects like race, pregnancy, marital status, and age. Also, it’s prohibited to terminate an employee because of a serious medical condition. Terminations must be done in a way that you are not violating any of the rules & regulations, related to federal and respective state requirements.

The need for a corporate lawyer

From deciding which employees to let go, to payment of dues, every aspect needs attention. Your corporate lawyer can help you decide on some of the basic aspects, such as unlimited PTO policy (if existed). For instance, in California, it is mandatory for companies to pay all dues at the time of termination – no delays (not even a day) are allowed. Besides the requirements, the biggest task or challenge is to let an employee know that they are being terminated, and that’s often done harshly by many employers. You would want to communicate as clearly as possible, and that’s where your corporate lawyer can be handy. They can guide on how to handle matters at hand, so that the business reputation is never at stake.

Finding a corporate lawyer

Not all corporate lawyers have the same level of experience, and you would want a team that’s experienced with all aspects of corporate law that may matter for your company. Don’t shy away from discussing your requirements and current challenges, and ensure that the expertise of the corporate lawyer aligns with the vision and requirements of your company.

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