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Criteria To Watch Out for As A Lawyer When Choosing Your Software

Before choosing the new management software for your law firm, you must ask yourself the right questions. Here are the criteria on website to look out for when choosing:

Criterion No. 1: Mobility And Collaboration

Changes in the legal profession and the context (health, competition, and economics) have made mobility essential. Everyone in your firm should be able to work together wherever they are. Therefore, your new software must integrate solutions for videoconferencing, chat, collaborative work on shared files, diary sharing, etc.

Criterion No. 2: Automation

Automating repetitive tasks with low added value is one of the great benefits of recent software such as Guardianship Management Legal Software.

Set up your hourly rates and scales, completed tasks, and their billable time spent is added to customer invoices. Define the number of days before triggering the reminder process; the latter will be automatically sent on the desired dates. The plus: when your software makes billing data compatible with the data formats used by accounting software.

Related Actions

As its name suggests, this feature allows different actions to be linked in a standardized process. An appointment can be attached to drafting a letter, then to the entry of a time, then to invoicing. They allow more visibility and organize your different deadlines for a file or a procedure, so you do not forget any deadline or task.

Document Production

Standardized document templates and well-organized databases allow the software to generate your deeds and letters automatically. Some software offers, by a sequence of logical questions, the automatic addition of your customer’s data (names, addresses, file elements) in your document templates. In addition to saving considerable time, these “intelligent questionnaires” are practical and easy to use, eliminating the risk of errors and omissions.

The Electronic Signature

No longer a need to circulate physical signatures between different offices: each person concerned accesses the documents on their software. All you have to do is configure it (“to proofread,” “in progress,” “to sign, “…), and the signature writer follows an automated workflow configured according to the predefined validation circuits.


In advanced software, a clause book can be more than just a catalog of clauses. It allows you to select clauses and paragraphs automatically added to a documented leader. You enhance your documentary base by drastically accelerating production tasks.

The Customer Area

It facilitates, dematerializes, and automates the exchange of information and documents with your customers within a reserved and secure space where they can follow the progress of their files, send documents, and even pay their invoices.

Unpaid Reminders

No more worries about unpaid reminders: all you have to do when invoicing is to configure the deadlines before each of the three reminders, which will be automatically sent on the corresponding dates without you having to remember them.

To Conclude

What are your needs and work habits, and what equipment do you work on? What features could improve your daily life? Choosing your service provider will also be fundamental because it guarantees to be well-advised and well-supported during a sensitive period for your structure.

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