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Benefits Of Having A Deposition Summary

When you are involved in a legal case every word and every moment matters. You want your deposition to be clear, understood and remembered.

This is why a depo summaries can make a huge difference in your court case.

However, there are added benefits to having such a summary. Let’s take a brief look at these now.

They Save Time

With an ocean of paperwork to do and go over, court cases can become extremely time consuming. A deposition summary allows you to focus on the main points so that in court or pretrial you can state your case easier and clearer without wasting time.

By outsourcing your deposition summary you can have more time to focus on other remaining tasks and you can be ready for whatever tight turnaround time you have until the next hearing.

Better Prepared

Many legal cases have so much information for the judge and jury to process. As a result the most relevant information gets cluttered with non relevant additions. By having a deposition summary you and your lawyer can be better prepared for the trial and know exactly where to focus your attention when in court.

This deposition summary can serve as a useful reference guide for information during court proceedings but if the lawyer and witness review it beforehand they can keep the key information at the forefront of their minds.

Save Money

Anyone who has been involved in a legal case will know that most legal councils charge by the hour. So if you have a lot of information to keep filtering through, the hours can build up quickly and the bill can rise exponentially.

You could have your lawyer do your depo summaries for you however this still gives them a lot of leeway with the timing and you could be paying a lot for what you could outsource for much less.

It Helps Your Case

A deposition summary can be especially useful in highlighting the main points of your opposing sides statements. Discrediting their witnesses is that much easier when you have every clearly and concisely laid out before you.

If a witness suddenly changes a claim, you won’t have to rely just on your memory but the deposition summary can reference key claims they have made previously.

Additionally, deposition summaries can often be submitted to the judge who may even choose to use it during the trial. Most courts prefer a written deposition summary to any other written testimony.


Overall, a deposition summary saves you time, helps you to be better prepared, saves you money and can help you to win your case.

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